Welcome to Yoga City

Welcome to Yoga City

Yoga City is a yoga studio committed to offering a supportive environment in which to achieve a greater sense of self worth so that the vitality, peace of mind and spirit it provides can inspire others to the same goal.

Introducing Mary Vivilecchia

Introducing Mary Vivilecchia

Mary Vivilecchia the Founder of Yoga City is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach. Her motivation in opening her studio was to help people enjoy a fuller and healthier life through physical and spiritual development.


Corporate Yoga

By introducing the “Yoga Lifestyle” program to your workplace, both you and your employees can benefit. Yoga has an abundance of benefits. Yoga has been long recognized to having a positive impact in our lives and our health.


Teacher Training

Yoga City’s Hatha Teacher Training Programs are comprehensive and transforming experiences. Our programs allow students to finish their training in a time frame that best suits their needs. This intensive format can be done in 6 months to a year.



From our Yoga for Beginners Class to our Signature classes, Yoga City offers a variety of classes to best fit your interests. Contact us today for more details.