Childs Pose

Deepen your body awareness and physical asana practice with these useful tips from Yoga City. This month, we’re deconstructing Child’s Pose (Balasana).

How To Do Child’s Pose

From Table, widen your knees to the width of your mat. Bring your big toes to touch behind you. Slowly lower your hips down to your heels. Rest your forehead on the ground. Extend your arms out toward the front of your mat. Breathe deeply into your low back. Hold for 1 – 10 minutes.


  • Gently stretches ankles, thighs, hips and knees
  • Relieves stress and fatigue
  • Releases back and neck tension
  • Aids blood flow in the spine and brain, helping to reduce headaches
  • Stretches top of feet and shins, helping to avoid painful shin splints
  • Increases flexibility in the knee joint
  • Massages internal organs
  • Calms the mind (central nervous system), helping relieve stress


Avoid this pose if you’ve had:

  • Recent knee surgery
  • Recent back surgery
  • Late stage pregnancy
  • High blood pressure, eye or ear infections
  • Acute stomach problems

Beginner Modification

Supported Child’s Pose: Place a bolster (or two) in between your legs and rest your chest down on the bolster. Turn your head to one side and rest. Half way through, turn your head to the other side. If this pose hurts your ankles or knees, place a folded blanket underneath you.

modified childs pose

Advanced Variation

Active Child’s Pose: Activate the shoulders and arms by placing your hands on top of blocks. This will lift the elbows up off the mat.

Active childs pose

Alternatively, if you don’t have blocks, press your fingertips into the mat and lift the palms. The elbows should lift as well.

childs pose tented fingers

Get your Child’s Pose on in one of our classes. Check out the Yoga City class schedule.

And stay tuned for next month’s Pose of the Month from Yoga City!

Pose of the Month: Child’s Pose

Debbie is a Yoga Instructor at Yoga City, Mississauga. She has been practicing yoga since 2008 and completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 with Yoga City. Debbie has a professional background in writing and digital marketing, with a passion for Health, Wellbeing and Personal Growth. She is thrilled to be able to combine both as the Editor of the Yoga City blog. You can follow Debbie on Instagram @yoga.bee

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