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Mindful meditation is not restricted to sitting perfectly still and allowing your mind to transform itself. Movement enables some to feel even more connected to themselves and for many, it may act as a stepping stone towards reaching a meditative state while being still.

Being mindful of your movements allows you to connect with your body while developing awareness and discipline. The discipline involved is similar to that of t’ai chi, ancient forms of yoga or martial arts. For thousands of years these controlled, deliberate motions and movements have proved to be beneficial for the mind and body. Meditation provides us with the opportunity for self-love, deep contemplation and time to clear our minds. It also practices control, and in this class specifically, control refers to both the body and the mind. When one opens themselves up to meditation, they allow a time for self-love and the insight needed care for oneself and the world around them.


What Makes It Special?

This class offers a time for one to practice intentional, controlled movements. From gentle stretches, pranayama and deliberate tapping to ease one’s body into the practice of meditation.  These carefully selected actions and movements provide one with an opportunity to draw attention to their inner selves.

Much like the calm and clarity, one feels after a productive day, mindful meditation paired with movement creates an atmosphere of inner contentment and understanding. Making time for yourself to reconnect with yourself and really embrace your mind and body can provide one with an immense feeling of contentment.


Why Move If I Don’t Have to?

Jon Kabat-Zinn from Yoga Chicago elaborates on the idea of the day to day life of many, being highly sedentary. Many people live lives that consist of desk jobs, repetition and a lack of movement. Similar to a dog who needs to be let out, we develop pent-up energy, meditation combined with movement allows for that release, but partners it with the added bonus of self-realization. The controlled deliberate actions create the relaxation and connectedness one can feel. We move because it is one of the many types of meditation that works for us.  For some it improves focus, for others it provides a distraction. Really the decision is up to you.


Try 5 Mindful Meditation Movements:

To begin, stand mindfully:

  • Stand up straight with your arms loose and at your sides, your legs shoulder width apart, and your shoulders resting comfortably
  • Hold your head as if you are gently being pulled towards the sky
  • Focus on breathing in and out
  • Embrace the way your body feels, relaxed and at ease


  • Inhale as you lift your arms slowly in front of your body
  • Exhale as you lower them back to your sides
  • Embrace the sensations, be mindful of the rest of your body
  • Remain relaxed and in control
  • Repeat roughly 10 times


  • Slowly reach your arms above your head, reach up as high as you comfortably can.
  • Hold until you can feel the burn, lower your arms slowly
  • Repeat, remember to be taking deep calming breaths as you do so
  • Be mindful of the way your arms move, feel them as they lower


  • Gently roll your shoulders forward several times
  • Embrace their movement
  • Begin rolling them backward, do this slowly accompanied by deep mindful breaths
  • Focus on your breathing, and feeling your body move


  • Individually shake each limb
  • Begin with your right arm, shaking gently for roughly the count of 15 seconds
  • Repeat with the left arm, shaking until one feels loose
  • Then move to the right leg, gently shaking, embracing how fluidly your body can move
  • Repeat again with the left leg
  • Embrace the overall feeling of looseness and understanding, take time to connect with your body as you stand and breathe mindfully

Following these five simple movements will result in an overall calm. Spending time identifying with each little breath–feeling the weight of your arms.  The rest of your body and its weight resting upon your feet. Even just feeling how your body moves, all of this connects you with a deeper part of yourself. Becoming mindful of tense portions of your body and being aware of that discomfort is mindfulness. Do not attempt to loosen or relax those muscles or areas, that will come in time. Remain aware and relaxed and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Move With Us!

Join us at Yoga City for an evening of self-discovery and new found sensations! We have classes wonderfully led by our own Kylie Virtue in the Om Room! Classes will provide a time for soul searching and reconnecting your body.

Before delving into this class, there is the prerequisite of Introduction to Meditation. A class where posture, stretching, breathing and guided meditation are the focus.

Shake On In!

Every Tuesday at 8:30 pm  Check out our class schedules for extra information!

Can’t wait to see you there!




Mindful Meditation and Movement

Registered Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, and Business Owner at Yoga City Mississauga. Mary’s knowledge of yoga has been developed for over a decade. She began her Teacher Training program 5 years ago and truly enjoys teaching students and being a part of their yogic journey to self-transformation. Mary’s knowledge of the subtle energy system, Bhagavad Gita and philosophy of yoga weave their way through her entire training program. Her strong knowledge of class sequencing pair with her understanding of anatomy and physiology provides an excellent foundation for each student.

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