Yoga For Beginners
Never tried Yoga and would like to? This class is the place to start your journey. Yoga City’s beginners sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus.

Traditional Hatha Yoga Class
A flowing hatha yoga class which links postures (asanas) with the breath (pranayama) to help you reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility. Intermediate to advanced yogi’s.

Hot Vinyasa Power Class
An energetic flow style practice, synchronizing breath with movement, while creating space in both your body and mind. This Vinyasa class gives rhythm to the practice, keeps the heat building, Builds strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Intermediate to advanced yogi’s.

Hot Core Yoga 
A strong core is imperative the maintenance of stability through the trunk of the body, overall spinal health and support for proper body mechanics.  This invigorating class involves flowing postures to get you moving and connected to your core. Enhance your yoga practice by creating a strong core foundation.  Intermediate to advanced yogi’s.

Date Night Yoga (Coming in September)
Make date night more fun with Yoga!  Bring your spouse, partner, date or friend to a fun-filled yoga class with Kylie.  A unique way to spend your night.  You will experience a fun hatha flow, partner poses and a deluxe chocolate meditation at the end of practice.  All levels of practice welcome!

A draw for a bottle of wine will be given at the end of class!  Early registration is recommended. Email to reserve your spot.  Free for members  – $20 drop in for non-members

Introduction to Meditation (Coming in September) 
This class is an introduction to the beautiful practice of meditation or “mindfulness”.  Diving into postures, gentle stretching, breath work and guided meditation while adding tips and tools to bring these techniques into our everyday lives. Meditation is not just sitting trying not to think but rather taking time to make space for peace in ones mind.  All levels of practice welcome!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Yoga City is excited to bring you HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training).  If you’re looking for weight loss or muscle tone or just improved endurance but haven’t got a lot of spare time on your hands, then this program is the right one for you. Different HIIT routines will boost your metabolism while challenging your cardio vascular system, giving you better results faster.  Join Yoga City every Monday and Thursday for a 30 minute kick your asana high intensity interval training.  All levels of practice welcome!

Introduction to Inversions (Coming in September)
Would you like to learn to go upside down but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been practicing inversions for a while but want to build strength or work on your alignment? Either way, this workshop-style class is for you!

In this 45-minute class, we’ll demonstrate various ways you can safely practice getting in and out of inversions i.e. Handstand, Forearm Stand and Headstand.  We will look at alignment and learn techniques for building strength and finding more openness through the front of the body to help with your inversion practice. We’ll move through various practices on your mat or at the wall, that practiced overtime, will help make going upside down more accessible!  This will be a fun, challenging and insightful experience for all participants.  Intermediate to advanced level.  Not suitable for beginners.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is slow-paced class, poses (asanas) are held for longer periods of time between 3-5 minutes, targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. All poses are seated or reclined. This class is suitable for all levels of students. 

Core Express
The core is your symbolic center of power. In this deep core strengthening class you will be lead through a powerful flow of abdominal exercises designed to strengthen the core. Bringing energy and awareness to your core, abdominal’s, back muscles as well as improve your posture. Be prepared to rock those abs and have a rockin’ good time! All levels of practice welcome!

Lunchtime Yoga
Take a yoga break! This 45 minute lunchtime yoga class will stretch, strengthen and move those tight shoulders, back and hips. This class will promote, balance, flexibility and peace of mind. The perfect remedy to relieve stress and recharge your energy. Leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All levels of practice welcome!

Candlelight Yoga Flow
In the ambiance of candlelight, flow through Moon Salutations & heart opening poses under the soothing calm of our candlelit studio.  Ease into your week with this perfect remedy of relaxation, peacefulness and calmness.  This class is suitable for all levels. All levels of practice welcome!

Yin/Yang Flow Class
Enjoy the benefits of the strength building yang yoga and allow your body to melt into more passively held stretches that typify yin yoga. Moving mindfully from one pose to the next you will feel the natural progression of the practice from beginning to end. Each class starts with a warm-up and breathing practice, moving with increased focus and intention to more strength building poses and closing with deeply held stretches. You will gain strength, flexibility and develop keen self-awareness as you learn to use your breath to flow.  Intermediate to advanced yogi’s.

Karma Yoga Class
Karma Yoga classes are offered in the spirit of creating sangha, or community. A donation fee of $10 for non-members is required to attend the class.  The donation fee will be directly donated to the “I Am A Girl” Foundation. Karma yoga classes are offered by recent graduates of our 200-hour yoga teacher training programs. Karma classes will focus mostly on Hatha Yoga postures and may include elements of breath practice (pranayama), meditation and philosophy.  All levels of practice welcome!