This is a fun interactive crystal workshop for kids 7-13 years of age. Children are welcome to bring their own Crystals with them to discuss with the group while learning from others. Each child will receive a bag of crystals to take home.

Parents are asked to come along and hold loving space for their children as they take their first journey along the crystal kingdom path to explore, learn and play.

Sunday October 21st 
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Cost: $35.00


Does your child have a fascination for crystals? Collect crystals or rocks? Do they have a keen interest in other people’s crystals?

Children have a natural affinity to crystals and are excellent at sensing, feeling and knowing which crystal is right for them. In recent years, we are meeting more and more children who are attracted to crystals, their healing energies, their calming energies and their ability to connect to the child’s soul.

This workshop provides an opportunity for children to discover more about crystals from a personal level to a metaphysical level such as:

  • Learning about where crystals come from
  • How Crystals are formed
  • How to use their crystals
  • How to sense the energy of the crystals
  • How to correctly choose, store and look after your crystals
  • How to cleanse and program their crystals
  • How to use crystals to assist with sleeping, studying, facing fears, anxiety, to control emotions, and understand our feelings
  • How to meditate and use crystals