Our Studio

Yoga City is a yoga studio committed to spreading the gift of yoga to our local community, to help others discover or reclaim their vitality for life and find peace in body, mind and soul. We know that being able to spread love, light and kindness starts with fostering a healthy relationship with the Self. Through the highest quality yoga programs, workshops, yoga teacher trainings and our supportive community, we provide a sacred space for healing so that people may discover their true calling and share their light with the world.

Yoga City is excited to now offer hot yoga and warm yoga classes at our Mississauga studio.

The temperature of our hot yoga classes range between 90-100°F (32-38°C) and our warm classes are between 80-90°F (27-32°C).

 Infrared Heat for a Better Hot Yoga Experience

hot-yoga-3Yoga City uses infrared heating panels in our studio that are similar to the heat produced by the sun. Unlike convectional heating, which warms the air and surfaces, infrared heat heats objects and people directly. It creates a movement of heat in the body through optimum blood circulation to produce a sense of deep warmth. This makes our warm and hot yoga classes more welcoming for a lot of students. Expect a dryer heat, with less humidity than at other hot yoga studios.

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