Our Yoga City Teacher Training Faculty

mary-bio1aMary Vivilecchia

Program Director, Yoga Asana, Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, Subtle Energy System and Meditation
Mary’s knowledge of yoga has been developed for over a decade. She began her Teacher Training program 5 years ago and truly enjoys teaching students and being a part of their yogic journey to self-transformation. Mary’s knowledge of the subtle energy system, Bhagavad Gita and philosophy of yoga weave their way through her entire training program.  Her strong knowledge of class sequencing pair with her understanding of anatomy and physiology provides an excellent foundation for each student. It is her hope that each student will complete their training feeling confident to teach a yoga class, as well as provide assists and modifications at the end of their training.  Coupled with this training Mary also covers the business of teaching Yoga, class planning and Sanskrit.  The Yoga City Teacher Training program provides each student with an opportunity to deepen their practice as well as begin a deeper journey into self-discovery and self-transformation.

celine-bio1aCeline Ratcliffe

Prenatal, Alignment, Yoga Asana
Celine’s passion for yoga began in 2005 when she took for her first yoga class while in Australia. In 2012 she completed her 200hrsRYT with Barb Leese and then furthered her training to receive her Prenatal certification in 2013 from Angela Jackson. Celine continues to expand her knowledge of yoga and has taken classes in yin from Bernie Clark. Within Yoga City Teacher Training program, Celine teaches fellow trainees how to perform hands-on adjustments with respect and confidence, how to spot differences in each person’s body and work towards proper alignment (utilizing props) within asanas as well as prenatal basics.

danielle-bio1aDanielle Pierce

Yoga Anatomy
Danielle is a yoga loving physiotherapist with a passion for anatomy. She received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in life sciences from Queen’s University in 2009, and went on to do her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, graduating in 2011. She works as a physiotherapist in the inpatient hospital setting, specializing in geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. She became a member of Yoga City Mississauga in 2013, and has fallen in love with yoga practice and its physical and mental benefits. Danielle is very excited to be sharing her knowledge and expertise of functional anatomy, relating it to yoga practice for the next generation of yoga instructors.

donny-bio1aDonny Day

Donny Day (Deepak), founder of Physiyoga & yoga house (in Toronto, Canada), has studied Yoga since 1993. His background includes experience in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalin Yoga traditions. Most recently, he was teaching yoga in Chengdu, China (2007-2012), followed by teaching Kundalini and Gentle Hatha in Xiamen, China (2013) and just this past winter, physiyoga to students at Kaivalyadham. He’s now based out of Toronto after 7 years of travelling, training and teaching in Asia and South East Asia.

Donny also studies 8-Step Mantis Style Gong Fu, Taiji and Qi Gong in China for 5 years and is a certified 2nd grade black belt.  Other training includes conducting workshops yoga Swathi lyengar, Devananda Giri and attending classes conducted by Uma Inder in Bali. Donny has also participated in 2 Panchakarma’s and enjoys the many aspects of Ayurveda.

sarajane-bio1aSarah Jane

Sarah received her designation from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2014, where she studied Applied Holistic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicne. Her passion for healing the body with food, Yoga, exercise and lifestyle increased when she realized the fundamentals of Ayurvedic healing and it’s association with Yoga. The two practices create amazing advances in the treatment of any and all diseases. As a Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher and Colon Therapist, Sarah uses Ayurvedic Medicine in creating healing protocols for each individual person she supports. It is her hope in teaching Yoga teacher trainees the basics of Ayurveda, they will bring forth this modality and create a healing practice for their class participants.

Tim Smith

Alignment,  Adjustments and Assisting
Tim started his yoga journey in 2003 with books and through self-instruction he developed a consistent home Hatha practice. In 2011 after 8 years of home practice he took his first yoga class and quickly gravitated to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga where he eventually met Ron Reid at Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto. Through Ron’s training Tim deepened his understanding of body movement within Ashtanga’s first series and the beginning of second series. In 2015 Tim furthered his yoga studies by making his first trip to Mysore, India to study with Sharath Jois, the director of the  Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute  and the grandson of the institute founder  Pattabhi Jois. Tim continues to practice Ashtanga daily under the capable instruction of KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 teacher Anna Muzzin of Steeltown Ashtanga and has completed second series with Anna’s guidance. Tim now blends tradition with evolution to support growth and understanding of the practice of yoga in a non-harmful way which involves an open dialogue between student and teacher.

Erica Evans

Erica first came to her mat at the age of 19.  She loved the feeling of connecting the mind and body as well as the relaxing state she felt after her first practice.  She took a yoga break to travel the World and upon her return in 2007 she reconnected to her practice.  A graduate from De La Sol YTT 200 hour program, Erica is also certified in Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga as well as Children’s Yoga.  Erica also is Reiki levels 1 &2 certified.  Erica enjoys a variety of styles of yoga and recently has taken her practice to seniors centre’s to teach Chair Yoga.  She finds this not only rewarding but also something she looks forward to each and every week.  Through the practice of yoga, Erica has gained the immense knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection; and it’s importance in not only her practice, but also in every day life.  Erica’s favorite pose is “Dancer’s pose” or in Sanskrit “Natarajasana”.  This pose makes her feel balanced, strong and graceful.