Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a comprehensive and transforming experience. It allows the student the flexibility of completing the course in anywhere from six months to a year so that other obligations can be met. Upon completion of the course you will become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified by The Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA).

The program involves a combination of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa. Hatha is a combination of Asanas (physical movement and posture). Pranayama another element of this program is (controlled breathing) which helps to balance the body and increase strength and flexibility.

This course will deepen your practice, strengthen your Spirit and take you on a journey of self-discovery, supported by a team of teachers with decades of experience in teaching, leading and healing.

We take pride in this program and look forward to your participation.

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What Students Are Saying About Our
Teacher Training Program

“In my search for a yoga studio offering a Teacher Training program I had the good fortune of finding Yoga City. From the moment I walked in I had that comfortable relaxed feeling that this would be the ideal environment for me to pursue my Teaching Training qualifications.

The program lived up to my every expectation in terms of the quality of training, personalized attention plus a friendly and supportive approach to the learning process. I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring Yogi wishing to create a more fulfilling life.”


“My Teacher Training at Yoga City with Mary and her Team was both informative and comprehensive. It included the Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Pranayama and the physical practice of Asana. There was a continuity that made the program transformational. This inspired me to continue my training and obtain my teaching certificate in Restorative, Therapeutic, Seniors and Prenatal Yoga. This has become a labour of love.”


“In the summer of 2016 I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in the Yoga City Teacher Training Program. This program not only taught me the fundamentals of yoga but also it’s philosophy. This motivated me to examine my life in more depth and develop a more disciplined and productive lifestyle.

This wasn’t just about an exercise program it was an in depth personal development process supported by a diverse group of highly qualified instructors bringing a wide variety of skills and knowledge to the program. New students can expect to receive far more benefits than they could have anticipated.”


“Yoga City’s Teacher Training Program was a true form of self discovery as it lit my path to explore my yoga practice in more depth. This program was comforting in that it allowed you to build trust and friendship with your fellow students and teachers. This program was also unique in that there was a team of highly qualified teachers who brought a diversity of knowledge and training so that I would be well qualified to inspire others.”


“As a long time member of the yoga community it was always my wish to take the Teacher Training Program course and become an instructor. In my search for the right studio I connected with Mary the owner of Yoga City with whom I developed an immediate rapport.

Mary and her team of instructors provided enthusiasm and tremendous support throughout the entire training process. Thanks to the effort and commitment of her and her team I am now a certified yoga teacher for a studio in British Columbia and will be forever grateful to Yoga City for their contribution to my success.”


“My journey with Yoga City began when I was looking for a studio to complete my teacher training. After meeting with Mary and visiting the studio my search was complete. Entering the studio for the first time I immediately felt a sense of inner peace away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Mary the owner of Yoga City reinforced that feeling of peace and tranquilty with her relaxed approach and inspiring persona. If you are looking for a studio committed to it’s students I would highly recommend the Yoga City Teacher Training Program”