Jessica Neal

Jessica has been enjoying the benefits of a personal yoga practice for many years, and joined Yoga City after meeting the owner. With the desire to deepen her practice, Jessica successfully completed the Yoga City Teacher Training program in 2014. Jessica is grateful for the joy and community that is granted to her through teaching yoga. Jessica is extremely happy to be part of the Yoga City Family.

Catherine Mattice

Catherine has practiced yoga since 2001. After years of high impact classes, she became hooked on yoga after the first downward dog and her love affair with yoga was sealed in the final meditative peacefulness of savasana. Over the years, she has found refuge in the healing powers of yoga to guide her through many of life’s challenges. Today, as a yoga instructor, it is her goal to guide students through the poses to truly let go of their life stresses to breathe, move with proper alignment and find their balance. “It is my hope that people will walk out of my classes in a more relaxed place to fully embrace their life.” Catherine is also a certified Reiki practitioner and is currently working on becoming a certified Meditation facilitator.