Kylie Virtue

Kylie recently graduated from the Yoga City Teacher Training program which proved to be an adventure in personal development. Having lived a stressful life over the years she reached out to yoga as a means of getting rid of her anxiety and creating a feeling of well-being in her life. This journey of discovery continued as her life became more productive and harmonious. She has now decided to become Certified as a Meditation Instructor so that she can offer an even greater contribution to the yoga community.

Andrea Tesolin

Andrea had been practicing yoga off and on since 2002 but in 2014 she sustained a lower back injury. Then as part of her healing process she decided to become a more devoted student as part of her recovery. She was so impressed with the benefits it offered in terms of both physical and physiological development that she decided in 2017 to enroll in the Yoga City Teacher Training program. As a certified instructor she now feels blessed to have the opportunity to share her knowledge and training and be a part of the Yoga City family.