Jennifer Kn

Jennifer is a yoga instructor, energy practitioner and channeler. Her first yoga class was at gym over 16 years ago and found that it really helped her lower back. In 2013, Jennifer decided to become a full time yoga instructor and in 2014, she completed her 500RYT. Jennifer yoga classes consist of energy works, channeling and meditation aspects to ease students in to mind, body and spirit as one.  She has found that teaching yoga and being in that environment has brought internal peace and bliss. Now, she wants to share that positive energy with her students on and off the mats.

Stephanie Della Porta

Stephanie is a multi-disciplinary creative whose passion for yoga has flowed into all areas of her life. Yoga has taught her to be the best version of herself and to live in the moment, presently, not before or later and as an artist this benefits her on a creative level because creativity is maximized when living in the moment. She defines yoga as meditation in movement and encourages students to heighten their emotional and metaphysical understanding of their self and the world around them focusing on a reflective practice rather than a mechanical one. She is an advocator for spending time outdoors, often using lessons nature has taught her to explain certain poses, bringing into play the relationship between the earth and the body’s aliveness.

She hopes to continually inspire people to live a colourful, vibrant lifestyle where they can be the best versions of themselves on and off the mat.

Stephanie is also a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner.