Saturday, November 10
12pm – 4pm
6509C Mississauga Road,
Mississauga ON., L5N 1A6

Yoga City’s Yoga Nidra course is an inspiring program that will take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

This course presents an exclusive opportunity to grow, connect and contribute to your overall mission as a teacher and/or as a person. It is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for teaching Yoga Nidra skillfully, with compassion and awareness and is suitable for those wanting to deepen their understanding of Yoga Nidra, whether as a yoga teacher or not.

For those on the path of a teacher, this course will prepare you to teach and practice safely, successfully and compassionately.

For teachers and non-teachers alike, this experience will take you on a path to greater self-awareness and understanding.

Meet Your Instructor
Kylie Virtue

Kylie is a graduated from the Yoga City Teacher Training program which proved to be an adventure in personal development. Having lived a stressful life over the years she reached out to yoga as a means of getting rid of her anxiety and creating a feeling of well-being in her life. This journey of self-discovery continued as her life became more productive and harmonious. She has now decided to become Certified as a Meditation Instructor so that she can offer an even greater contribution to the yoga community. Kylie received her Yoga Nidra certification in Dec 2017 and is continuing to grow her practice and love of Meditation.